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substitute by payment – What sorts of RBF exist and which one does Bitcoin Core assist and use by default?

So far as I do know Bitcoin Core is aware of two sorts of RBF. These are Full RBF and Decide-in Full RBF. In each instances, the transaction will likely be changed if a brand new one arrives that consumes no less than one of many similar inputs, is legitimate and has the next payment. The one distinction is that with Full RBF this is applicable to each transaction, whereas with Decide-in Full RBF transactions should sign it (some nSequence smaller than 0xffffffff-1).

  1. What different sorts of substitute exist, both “substitute by payment” or another? (I simply want the checklist, I will analysis what they’re myself)

Right here they point out Little one-Pays-For-Guardian (CPFP), Exchange-By-Charge (RBF; I assume this implies each Full RBF/Decide-in RBF; right me if I am unsuitable) and First-Seen-Protected Exchange-By-Charge (FSS RBF). It would not point out Decide-in Full RBF however I assume that is what’s thought of beneath RBF because it’s really Full RBF the place the transaction has to sign substitute, right me if I am unsuitable. By the way in which, the reply is from 2015, so I am curious about whether or not there are extra sorts of substitute in Bitcoin.

  1. Does Bitcoin Core assist CPFP and FSS RBF, in addition to all the categories you listed within the reply to query 1?

  2. What sort of substitute does Bitcoin Core use by default? I do know that it was an Decide-in Full RBF and that there have been some indications to modify on Full RBF.

Because of all!

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